Northern Uganda
Northern Uganda

Northern Uganda

Six years ago I made a trip to Lira and Gulu, in Northern Uganda. This is the region where the Lord’s Resistance Army once ‘ruled’ by child abduction and murder. Shortly before my visit the people who once fled the war had started to return to the land of their parents. Here are some photos I made during my journey.

This father posed with two of his younger sons, in front of the church, in a small village we passed by. He told me about two of his sons who went to school one day – he never saw them again. They were taken by the LRA to serve as soldiers. That was 10 years ago.
The purpose of my trip was to visit some agricultural businesses, and find out about their financing needs. Building an economy starts with creating jobs, and that was my client’s ultimate goal.
A pig crosses the street.
Transporting chicken, potatoes, charcoal, and a passenger.
Most kids travel accompanied by an adult.
A mother and her kids, returning from the water pump.
A girl in the field next to the dirt road we took to visit a remote family.
The grandmother is trashing the wheat (or maybe millet).
HCB inspired
Kids with soccer pictures I gave them.
Children on their way home from school – most of them barefoot.
The father from the first picture, and his son.


(All photos made with Panasonic Lumix LX5)

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