Exploring Cambodia: a 2-week journey to The Temples of Angkor near Siem Reap, followed by the great Tonle Sap lake, and finally the Southern Islands.

This is the first post of a series of three, with fieldnotes from our trip.

Een trip van twee weken naar de tempels en stranden van Cambodia.

The most amazing thing of these jungle temples (besides their sheer numbers and size, their age and archeological significance, their utter beauty and their impressive overall stature) is that you can get all over them, climb and touch them and explore the entire multi square kilometer area whenever you want. In Europe we are used to ‘do not touch’ signs everywhere when visiting  historical sites (and rightfully so!) – not (yet) in Cambodia. I’m wondering for how long.

NEWSFLASH: while writing this I found a ‘Code of Conduct’ movie on the official website of the Angkor Park management, explaining what is and is not allowed (including the touching: NOT ALLOWED!!) :-0

Het is bizar dat je overal mag komen en op mag klimmen in dit ongelofelijke park met honderden tempels van 100 jaar oud. Ik vond trouwens wel onderstaand filmpje dat aangeeft dat bezoekers zich wel dienen te gedragen…

Anyway: of course while behaving as we should, we walked around and spent 3 lovely days in this magical place.

Interestingly, Google has mapped the entire area and using google streetview you can explore not only the main roads, but climb and enter most of the buildings as well! So it’s not even needed anymore to take the trouble and going there. Just sit back and enjoy these wonders from home 🙂 – click here for a link to google streetview:


Here are some more pictures from our expedition:

(Camera: Fujifilm X100F with WCL X100ii wide-angle converter)

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